• Creating online marketplace on web and android app
  • Create a Reseller system on android and web
  • Fast iteration development

What we do


  • Good integration with current working system, both data and promotion
  • polished user experience flow research
  • Fast iteration to see the product stick or not


  • Creating online marketplace flow including the design
  • Creating Administrator page, including dashboard and roles
  • Setting up server on AWS that scalable for huge numbers of users
  • Integration with current backend system


  • Online marketplace features including the design
  • Local database for product and image caching
  • Specific app for reseller only


Lot of business owner struggles with the numbers of aspect they need to maintain, such as marketing, tax and legality. Creating a tool for world wide business owners to reduce their workload, is not a small project to take. But Andri H. the owner of AJBS group, is prepared to tackle this problem into his own hand.

With this mission in mind, Conec+ the online marketplace is created. Conec+ is the first step on super project called Conectizen, which help business owner to focus their time on what really important, their product and services.

Alvonse begin with researching on marketplace flow UI and UX, with still considering the advance feature that we gonna integrate. As UI/UX creation unfold we pick clean design with white background the emphasize photos of the product and other information.

As the design done, we're start working from scratch for both the websites and Android application. Setup the server and the domain, working on the ui for every aspect of the application. We go through many iterations for features needed, to bring the best product user can get.

On March 2017, we got request to integrate the reseller features to the current web and android app. A features that bring user closer with the sellers, with just a click a reseller will come to your house bringing the goods you need.

As currently we're working on the reseller features, that will roll out on April 2017. We are still expecting for more advanced features and breakthrough ideas. Thank you for the trust.