• Development within a tight schedule
  • Refractor old code
  • Adding new feature and change Application flow

What we do


  • Prioritize key feature
  • Fast iteration to get fast feedback

iOS Development

  • Refractor previous code for systematic structure
  • Polishing user interface
  • Adding queue system for new user


Beautyfulmind of the fast growing education center in Singapore, contact us to update their current Geniebook & Genieclass. the works including on solving critical bugs, clean and simplify the code and ultimately adding new features, plus all of this need to be done in 1 months.

The 1st phase of the work done in three weeks. As the app successfully launched in August 2014, we are in the beginning of our long term partnership. in 2015, we trusted to develop and polish the Android application for geniebook. as we're keep going strong on developing the geniebook iOS.

we began by simplifying the code, as the code is in spaghetti mode (a situation where everything jumbled into one file)... lot of code we must cut and let go, to create a better foundation of the app. From there we begin on bug extermination and make sure our app bugfree.

As the App become bugs free, we're trusted to bring more features to fulfill the user needs. From there we begin on creating Question of the day and student notification. On top of that, we polished and changed the UI/UX of the iOS application to have the clean look.