• Create first iteration of the iOS Application
  • Develop within a tight schedule development
  • UI Polishing for iOS Mobile Application

What we do


  • Prioritize key feature
  • Zero defect feature, instanstly kill known bugs

Mobile Development

  • Feature development with objective-C and core data
  • Build data and image caching, for the offline use


in the middle of 2014, a friend of ours start to creating an idea to disrupt medical industry in Indonesia. Her idea is simple and straight forward, a service that able to store and manage your medical record. We love the idea from the start.

As the times to launch the service come near, we don't have much times to develop the application, based on the first specification. After some serious discussion, we successfully bring the most viable product to launch.

As the first application itteration working, we keep continue our partnership on adding features and polishing the apps. Until now Medictrust keep growing and growing, to disrupt medical industry.

As we have very limited time, we start by discussing on which one is the core features and which features to postponed for next version. As we got the conclusion, we start by refine the flow for our main features.

Based on the concluded wireframe, we start to build the app bit by bit. First, we focus on the main feature of the app, like form and photos. After the functionality work perfectly, we polish the application UI and UX to pixel perfect. We're working back and forth, to produce the ideal application for medictrust to use.