• Create a Messaging system with chatbot
  • Responsible on Technology choice both webserver and Mobile application
  • Fast iteration development

What we do


  • Technology option research
  • User experience flow research
  • Application structure


  • Adding Mailing system from inside the Application
  • Web service management
  • Matching System
  • Bot integration to Remoot chat system


  • Polished Ui and Ux
  • Offline mode
  • Chat experience


In the end of 2014, We met Haegwan who really passionate on sharing his vision about a new way to find jobs. His ideas create Remoot, that connect help expert and job provider all around the world. This big responsibility, would be done by human with help from automatic chatbot, designed especially for job seeker.

We start from researching on available messaging system library. but in the end, we found that available library is not enough for the Application need. Knowing that, we're start working on our own chatting system, which proven able to accomodate the need.

As the design done, we're start working from scratch both the websites and iOS application. Setup the server and the domain, working on the ui for every aspect of the application. We go through many iteration, as we adding new feature that really make people stick.

On the beginning of 2016, we are start adding bot to help us on giving fast response. After few months, the bot become smarter and smarter, as it's now able to look for jobs, adding skills and experience for you, and giving nice feedback.

We are still expecting many features to come, in next few month. As remoot keep growing in daily number of user.